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Online Shopping Statistics: How Popular is Ecommerce in the USA 2021?

Millions of people now shop online rather than going to a store. And the small matter of a global pandemic and restrictions on our movement has only enhanced this. But just how big is online shopping, do we prefer it to an in-store experience and where are we spending more of our money?

We take a dive into the data with our online shopping statistics USA round up for 2021.

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Gift Card Statistics USA: How Popular are Gift Cards in 2021?

Gift cards. For some people they’re a fantastic gift idea, allowing your recipient to choose a gift themselves from their favorite store. But in the Covid climate with retailers struggling, are consumers too nervous to buy gift cards for fear of losing their money? And do we enjoy receiving them?

We took a look at the numbers to find out.

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17 Surprising Coupon Statistics & Trends

Who uses coupon code the most? What are their demographics? Do people prefer digital or print coupon codes? This is the most comprehensive guide to coupon statistics on the planet.

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